Labour Law

We provide full legal support to our clients in the field of employment law: from answering simple labour law questions, to developing complex labour law processes and terminating employment relationships individually or collectively, always striving to provide effective employment law solutions for both our employer and employee clients.

We help companies to start their activities from a labour law perspective, too. Due to our thorough knowledge of the operation of the financial, capital and insurance market participants and the regulations applicable to them, we provide support to comply with the special labour law requirements relating to their employees and act in the official licensing procedures of their managers.

Our activities

Drafting employment documents and elaboration of legal solutions We prepare the full range of labour law documents tailored to the needs of our clients from the beginning to the termination of the employment relationship, and we participate in their regular review. In cases that require less individual treatment, we have ready samples available to our clients.

We help our clients to find the most suitable legal form and solution for their plans, and we prepare the related documents tailored to the client, in a form of contracts as well as internal regulations.


We support our clients with regular legal advice in answering the labour law questions that arise on a daily basis in order to deal with the given labour law situations in a lawful and efficient way. In a constantly changing legal environment, we can provide effective assistance in adapting existing legal solutions to the changing legal environment.

Employment contract for executive employees

We have significant experience in preparing individual employment contracts for executive employees. Thanks to our thorough knowledge, we are able to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in flexible managerial employment contracts for the benefit of our clients.

Atypical forms of employment

We participate in the formulation and review of the contractual relations (agency, sub-agency, other intermediary agreements) used by the intermediaries of financial, investment and insurance service providers, taking care to properly manage the risks of the principal and the agent.

Non-compete agreements, study contracts

There is a significant interest from both employers and employees in ensuring that non-compete and study contracts are validly concluded. By knowing the legal requirements and case law, we can contribute with our expertise to the proper formulation of these contracts.

Labour law related data management

We provide our clients with up-to-date, practice-oriented and comprehensive legal support in matters concerning the processing of employees' personal data, including answering data protection questions related to the control of employees and the preparation of detailed data management policies which are fully compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements, whilst also tailored to the actual operation of the client.

Termination of employment

In the course of preparatory consultations, we help our clients to choose the appropriate way to terminate the given employment relationship, giving priority to termination by mutual agreement in order to avoid future litigation.

We prepare termination documents being compliant with legal requirements and case law in all respects, including notice of termination, immediate notice of termination and termination with mutual consent of the parties.


Not only do we provide pre-litigation advice, but we also provide legal representation in labour litigation on both the employer and employee side.

Recent matters:

  • providing effective, day-to-day legal support to our employer clients in dealing with exceptional labour law issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • formulation of employer’s internal regulations for working from home
  • review of model employment contracts for financial organizations
  • preparation of individual employment contracts for a new intermediary company operating in the financial, capital and insurance market (including the official licensing of executives)
  • preparation of termination agreements, notice of termination, immediate notice of termination for financial organizations
  • representation of an employer in a lawsuit initiated by one of its former employees
  • representation of an employee in a lawsuit initiated on the basis of immediate termination provoked by the employer.

About us

About us